BMW Welt. Junior Campus

Together with simple gmbh (Cologne, Germany) we were asked to develop the all new childrens learning and experience center for the BMW World in Munich. In the project i was responsible for overall design concept and specifically led the interactive media development and implementation.


We send the kids on a two hour workshop to explore the fascination of mobility through a large variety of interactive experiences and hands-on exhibits. With a great team of architects, designers, engineers and programmers it was a demanding but thrilling experience to create one of the most compelling integrated learning environments to date.

Campus Portal

(images: Martin Müller – © simple GmbH)

Rolling Ball Sculpture horizon and Dreamcar (videos: CHBP – © simple GmbH)
sketches and concepts

Campus Lab

After beeing attracted by the dazzling Rolling Ball Sculpture, the Dreamcar and the all-illustrated horizon in the public zone, the kids enter the “Campus Lab”: (images: Martin Müller – © simple GmbH)

Junior Campus Lab

damper crankshaft explosion steering (videos: CHBP – © simple GmbH)

What follows is a round trip through the inner workings of a car: Each interactive station lets them actively experience the physical principles that drive modern mobility.

Campus Workshop

After collecting more points in the quiz show, the crowd is prepared to master their own engineering skills in the “Campus Workshop”: Here they gather material at interactive stations to build their own car. (images: Martin Müller – © simple GmbH)

engines designlab safety cable car (videos: CHBP – © simple GmbH)

The clients desire of creating an educative “out-of-school” learning experience, while maintaining core brand strategies was fully accomplished and is rewarded by crowds of fascinated children who experience it today.