AMC the kitchen planner

The AMC (Alfa Metalcraft Corporation – Bingen, Germany) kitchen department was searching for a new sales tool to use within their direct marketing strategy. We came up with an interactive planning device which helped the client to design his personal kitchen while beeing subtely guided by the given layout and style options.

Find your style:

The kitchen planning process always incorporates the famous question of “how should it look like?”, which we even took further to “how should it feel like?”. To guide the clients’ design process we created landscapes of style, which relied heavily on clich√© ¬© imagination of actual landscapes, cities or regions.

Conceptual approach:

As the sales procedure takes place at the customer’s home – usually in the kitchen – it’s important to boost the imagination beyond the standards elements of colors, handles and functions. In a truly interactive process, the salesperson finds out needs and desires, while the customer actually takes the leading role of the step by step design process.