STROER: An interactive showroom

Working as a freelancer for Triad (Berlin, Germany), i joined a team of two designers to work on a proposal for the new corporate showroom for Stroer, german market leader in billboard media and outdoor furniture. In an intense team effort within two weeks, we created a full concept targeted at multiple audiences, based on previous marketing research.

Explaining “out of home media”

The showroom was supposed to be located within the newly built company’s headquarter in Cologne – a sophisticated architectural complex into which we subtly integrated our concept. Our central communication plot line focused on “making contacts”, visually via billboards, signs and media as well as personally between Stroer associates and its partners throughout the visit.

The Experience Lab

The essential story around the showroom concept is based on the interactive participation of the visitors: Both simulated media planning (for media agencies) as well as city furniture design planning (for community delegates) were anticipated via a large 270° panoramic screen controlled through an interactive table.