BMW X5 Launch Campaign

Of course, a brand new BMW comes with dozens of new features and innovations. But what are these actually good for? The team of simple gmbh helped to understand complex technologies playfully.

Probably the most efficient research and brainstorm process i ever attended, the basic ideas for this project came out of a team of four talented people in about two weeks. Furthermore, I was responsible for most animation, mixed and virtual media.

6 light bulb moments

For a series of international events, we were asked to develop sophisticated interactive exhibits that reveal the use of six specific new features. The essential focus was not to explain the technology itself, but to let users actively experience how it actually improves the driving.

Active Steering Adaptive Drive Double Wishbone iDrive Bookmarks Rearview Camera
Adaptive Drive Concept ( images & videos: Uli Grohs – © simple GmbH)